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MSA Workman 10163238 Vest Style ARC Flash Harness No Tax!

MSA Workman 10163238 Vest Style ARC Flash Harness No Tax!

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MSA 10163238 Workman Arc Flash Vest-Style Harness, BACK WEB Loop, Tongue Buckle Leg Straps, Rubber Covers, Standard (STD)  No Sales Tax and Free Shipping brand new in a sealed MSA container directly to your door


MSA EVOTECH® and Workman® Arc Flash Harnesses To keep workers safe around electrical hazards at heights, such as on bucket trucks, scissor lifts or other elevated areas, MSA EVOTECH and Workman Arc Flash Full Body Harnesses are designed to self-extinguish quickly to prevent melting or dripping in the event of an arc flash. The lightweight and comfortable design molds to the body, allowing workers to wear the harness for hours without having to readjust constantly throughout their shift. Both areASTMF887 third-party tested to ensure workers are protected from falls even after an arc flash of 40 cal/cm2. And with two price points, you can choose the harness best suited to your specific needs. Harness the power of MSA arc flash-rated fall protection.

Arc flash - also known as arc fault or arc blast - is a dangerous release of energy created by an electrical fault. An arc flash is a phenomenon where a flashover of electric current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to another, or to the ground. The results are often violent; serious injury and even death can occur as a result. In the United States alone, there are between five and ten arc flash accidents everyday, with more than 3,600 disabling electrical contact injuries each year. What is frightening is that due to the violent nature of an arc flash exposure, when a worker is ten feet away from the blast site, fatal burns can still occur. And when an employee is injured, the injury is serious – sometimes even fatal. Extended medical care for those whose lives have been altered by an arc flash incident is often required, sometimes costing in excess of $1,000,000. Arc flash can be caused by: • Dust • Dropping tools • Accidental touching • Condensation • Material failure • Corrosion • Faulty Installation Three factors determine the severity of an arc flash injury: • Proximity of the worker to the hazard • Temperature • Time for circuit to break Understanding“Arc Flash” ASTM F887 Test requirements The ASTM F887 standard outlines performance requirements of fall protection products for arc flash resistance. One requirement of the standard is that the webbing material must have a 7,000 lb tensile strength, which is higher than typical full body harness webbings found on the market. Additionally, the harness is put through an Electric Arc Performance test that requires the product to self-extinguish within five seconds after being subjected to an arc flash and cannot melt or drip. Lastly, the harness is put through an ANSI Z359 drop test using a 282 lb test torso and must be able to meet the drop test requirements. Arc Flash (AF) rated Products When working conditions exist where people are subjected to potential hazards of extreme heat generation that could produce an arc flash, it is critical, particularly when working at heights, to use fall protection systems that not only resist AF exposure, but can perform in a fall situation as well. AF rated products are designed to resist heat from an electrical arc flash. AF designated products have been tested to the applicable standards to maintain the required level of strength and performance with the ability to resist heat. Always look for the Arc Flash symbol for easy identification.
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