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MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT Protective CBRN HAZMAT Suit

MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT Protective CBRN HAZMAT Suit

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MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT Protective CBRN Hazmat Suit  


No Sales Tax and Free Shipping! Brand new in a sealed MIRA container directly to your door. 

Available in six sizes to fit both adults and children as young as 4 years old (SEE SIZING CHART BELOW). Proven reliability through HAZMAT response, military operations, law enforcement drug response, chemical handling, petrochemical handling and maintenance

  • Constructed from strong, rugged fabric with a virtually endless shelf life
  • Engineered to be one of the most durable, longest-lasting, and most flexible hazmat suit solutions on the market today, the MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT provides comprehensive protection from a whole universe of CBRN agents and gives you a practical solution for decades to come.

    Developed in partnership with Kappler, an international leader in personal protective apparel, the MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT is one of the world’s only disposable hazmat suits offered in a wide variety of sizes—fitting children as young as 4 years old—and it’s available exclusively through MIRA Safety.

    Our HAZ-SUIT fabric is made from a durable, puncture-resistant film composite with an excellent barrier to over 125 chemicals, including chemical warfare agents (CWA) and toxic industrial chemicals (TIC).

    This military hazmat suit is used extensively by major fire departments for hazmat response, major hospitals for emergency preparedness, major chemical companies for a wide range of potential hazmat exposures, and most US Military branches (Department of Defense, DoD).

    The fabric of this hazmat suit has been subjected to a variety of long-term storage conditions and exhibits no degradation in performance over time when stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. That means it could last for decades or longer without compromising on protection.

    The MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT is ideal for demanding hazardous applications with the potential for chemical splash, even in significant exposure scenarios. Increased physical strength and even broader chemical holdout take the protection level of this fabric up a serious notch.

    With an extensive chemicals-tested list, the MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT delivers the ultimate in hazmat protection.

    Key Features of the MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT

    • Comes in youth sizes to fit children as young as 4 years old.
    • Ideal for CBRN civil defense applications.
    • Used by professionals all over the world, including the US Military.
    • Composed of rugged fabric with practically unlimited shelf life (compared to common hazmat suits with a 5-10 year shelf life).
    • By request, available in NFPA certified styles for bulk orders. 
    • Proudly made in the USA.
    • Tested & proven protection from a wide variety of CWA & TIC threats (see below for details).
    • Increased physical/tensile strength and broad chemical holdout for durable, long-lasting protection in the event of a disaster.
    • Features a heat-sealed and taped stream for enhanced protection from particulate and vapor hazards (more on vapor hazards below).
    • Compatible with all MIRA Safety gas masks & full-face respirators.
    • Typical Applications: Civil defense, hazmat response, military operations, law enforcement drug response, chemical handling, petrochemical handling and maintenance.


    The ONLY Hazmat Suit You’ll Ever Need

    Hazmat suits are—unfortunately—one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of disaster preparation.

    Because most people focus on full-face respirators, they often overlook the crucial addition of a reliable hazmat suit…or they’ll go with the most basic low-cost alternative on the market. But not all hazmat suits are created equal.

    The most common biohazard suits on the market provide limited protection and are intended for use on a job site where users are exposed to a limited range of chemicals and minimal wear and tear. Those entry-level suits are mostly designed for a single day’s use in low-impact environments, so they can easily be disposed of and replaced at a minimal cost.

    But when it comes to preparation, you never know exactly what you’ll be facing—a single unexpected puncture to your radiation suit could compromise your health and safety.

    That’s why MIRA Safety worked with Kappler to develop a proprietary range of suits that deliver protection above and beyond the common hazmat solution.

    Utilizing durable, puncture-resistant fabric (the same as military hazmat suits), we’ve developed a multi-purpose CBRN suit solution that serves as a biohazard suit, radiation protection suit (more on this in the Q&A section), and chemical suit all in one.

    It’s the same durable fabric used in some of the most expensive and elite NBC suits on the market today and trusted in the harshest environments by top professionals.

    Our HAZ-SUIT is a Level C hazmat suit (when worn with a standard air-purifying respirator or PAPR, it is a Level B hazmat suit when worn with an SCBA system) available in six sizes to comfortably fit every member of your family or group and provide full-body protection from up to 8 hours of direct exposure to some of the deadliest chemical, radioactive (alpha particles), and toxic agents in the world today.

    That’s enough time to get yourself and your party to safety without having to worry about unexpected punctures or dangerous exposure. And with its superior tensile strength, you’ll have added protection from punctures in the case of debris or slip-and-fall accidents.

    When stored properly, these suits can be trusted to perform for decades without any special maintenance or upkeep (see below).

    Our MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT suit makes no compromises when it comes to protecting you from potentially life-threatening CBRN agents—and you shouldn’t have to make any either.

    Remember that in addition to a functioning respirator and HAZ-SUIT, you’ll also need reliable gloves, chemtape, and boots to ensure proper protection from airborne contaminants, radiation, and other CBRN threats.

  • For any order, large or small, while supplies last we will include an emergency AM/FM radio with flash light, emergency blinker, siren.  Once the emergency radios are gone we will send you a $50 coupon for use on your next order.

Size Guide

2X/3X 6'2 - 6'5 220-300
LG/XL 5'7 - 6'2 160-220
SM/MD 5'3 - 5'7 120-160
XS 5'0 - 5'3 90-115
YL 4'2 - 5'0 60-90
YS 3'3 - 4'2 35-60
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